Where does the milk you drink come from? A virtual reality experience to connect brands and consumers

A virtual reality experience through a 360° video, in which the user gets in a Jeep and accompanies a rancher in his visit along his ranch in order to learn the origin of the new Leche Eroski (Eroski milk) of the Basque Country and the new Leche Eroski of Navarra, this is how the latest Cuatroochenta´s Brand Games Studio project looks like, developed through the agency Ros with a recording by Micrea.  The objective: to create a very close relationship between the product and the consumer and, at the same time, to foster the responsible consumption under the motto “we all drink that milk”, referring that is good for the consumer, but also for local ranchers and the environment.

An innovative form to draw the attention of the consumer in order for him to get to know the product and to enter a world the bricks never show: where does the milk we drink come from? The solution of the agency Ros with the technology of Cuatroochenta meets this need. Through a pair of virtual-reality goggles anyone can visit the ranch and get a tour with its proprietors explaining.

Presentación oficial del proyecto en el Museo Vasco de Bilbao.

Official presentation of the project at the basque museum in Bilbao.

Thus, after the official presentation which took place in the Basque Museum of Bilbao and the Baluarte Convention Centre of Pamplona, the Grupo Eroski has also invited its customers to participate in the experience, through promotional activities in its supermarkets and also through street marketing in San Sebastian, Bilbao and Pamplona.

Ultimately, it is a good example of the possibilities offered by experiences of virtual or augmented reality and video games, applied to marketing in order for brands to better connect with their customers, the direction in which Cuatroochenta´s Brand Games Studio is working, with the cooperation of the Design and Video Games Development Degree of the Univeristat Jaume I, a service for which we have been chosen to participate in the Silicon Valley immersion programme by the ICEX´s Spain Tech Center.

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