We are on TV! Sergio Aguado, from Cuatroochenta, in the especial report about the iWeekend in ‘Camara Abierta 2.0’

In minute 4:30 of the video (in Spanish) starts the report about the iWeekend Castellon and in minute 5:45 appears Sergio Aguado, one of the founders of Cuatroochenta. The program of the Spanish Television Camara abierta 2.0 dedicates a special slot to the iWeekend which was held the first week of October. The iWeekend’s goal: to gather entrepreneurs and professionals from various profiles in order to create a technological-based startup in just one weekend.

The event also aims to show the most interesting projects in the iWeekend. Thus, Sergio Aguado, who acted as mentor in the areas of programming and technology, presented a new application for smartphones developed by Cuatroochenta for a pharmaceutical laboratory in Madrid. The app’s goal is to enhance the relationship of the salesman with doctors and pharmacies.

An application which is within the service area of Cuatroochenta dedicated to the development of CRMs and other business applications. It is accessible from web and tablet so that the salesforce can consult the relevant information without connection.

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