Video about Mobile Life, the largest study on mobile consumers, by TNS

Interesting video with the top findings of the Mobile Life study, based on 48,000 conversations with mobile users from 58 countries. The study gathers information about motivation and priorities of mobile and mobile application users when purchasing products.

In Cuatroochenta we are aware of new consumer habits in the purchase process. It is increasingly common to see customers taking photos of a product in order to send it through Whatsapp and ask for opinion. They also scan a code (QR, barcode…) to get more details of the product. These are two simple examples of a wide variety of everyday behaviors that flood our world without even noticing them.

Cuatroochenta offers its clients a team specialized in mobile app development which are intended for sale. This team, which gathers experts in Marketing Research, Marketing and Communication, responds to the growing demand of new information and sales channels, which are more flexible and have a deeper market penetration.


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