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Digital transformation in sales: Zumex Group’s product catalogue app

Innovation is embedded in the DNA of Zumex Group, a leading company on fruit and vegetable juice extraction at the international level. This innovative vocation not only translates into technological solutions for automatic juicers, but also spreads to all kinds of internal and external processes with an aim to improve performance.

Consum supermarkets personalize communication with customers through its app – which reaches 30% more users than last year

“The first thing I do is check the total value of my discount vouchers and redeem them, so I do not miss any offer; I also learn about offers on customized products or take my shopping list with me wherever I go until I find the nearest Consum”.

Why has Intimind been chosen by Google Play among the best apps of 2017 in Latin America?

Intimind, the meditation app developed by Cuatroochenta for a bold team of psychologists in Valencia, has been highlighted by Google Play among the best in 2017 in Latin America and, more specifically, in the category of “Most Entertaining Apps”.  This is the culmination of a year with a brilliant track record, in which the app has unceasingly provided new incentives to connect with its users, leading to recognition in the flagship media in Spain and America, such as El País or Televisa.

The first global network of grassroot soccer, is born: the Legends app

An app designed for trainee soccer players who want to share experiences and show their talent, aiming to teaming up with peers or to entering the scope of the soccer scouts

We are on TV! Sergio Aguado, from Cuatroochenta, in the especial report about the iWeekend in ‘Camara Abierta 2.0’

In minute 4:30 of the video (in Spanish) starts the report about the iWeekend Castellon and in minute 5:45 appears Sergio Aguado, one of the founders of Cuatroochenta. The program of the Spanish Television Camara abierta 2.0 dedicates a special slot to the iWeekend which was held the first week of October. The iWeekend’s goal: to gather entrepreneurs and professionals from various profiles in order to create a technological-based startup in just one weekend.