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Cuatroochenta is a leading app developer in Spain and Central America, characterised by its tailor-made solutions to improve work processes, business intelligence, mobility, tourism, culture, sports and communication. At its headquarters in the technological, scientific and industrial estate of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Espaitec, it also provides own projects like 480interactive, a reference tool in the publishing industry to convert publications to interactive apps (more than 20,000 users worldwide have already published 40,000 apps without the need for programming), or the Sefici incidents administrator (introduced with very good results in the industrial, hostelry and property management sectors, and which has already stirred a great interest from investors). In 2016 Brand Games Studio saw the light, a new department which explores the possibilities of video games and the immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality applied to brands and services, so they can better connect with their audiences.

Its methodology is based on genuine cooperation and a very high commitment to its customers, with the objective of creating practical and efficient apps that make life easier. Since its founding with a modest capital in November 2011, the company has progressively grown thanks to the work and efforts of its young staff, acquiring customers and expanding markets step by step, until succeeding in employing more than 50 people, of which engineers, computer specialists, designers, publicists, sales people and journalists.

Founded by Alfredo R. Cebrián (Teruel, 1984), graduate in Advertising and Public Relations and CEO, and Sergio Aguado (Segovia, 1982), senior IT engineer and technical director, the company´s name is based on the screen resolution of the first iPhone, 480×320, the smartphone that opened the new pathway of content publishing, which later on would also be taken by Android. From the beginning, Cuatroochenta specialized itself and stood out, obtaining an excellent search engine positioning, which has evolved in its main source of quotation requests. Thanks to this strategy, amongst others, the development of the urban transportation app EMT Valencia saw the light; one of the most popular developments of the company with hundreds of thousands of users, along with the Encuentra24, the most important classified ads app in Central America, with over a million downloads.

Cuatroochenta has always combined its open mind regarding markets and customer profiles with its commitment to the nearest economical and social environment, for which it has received many acknowledgements. Thus, the ad hoc developed apps portfolio includes big multinational companies like Nestlé, Faes Farma, Eulen, Northgate, Amadeus, EDP, BCD Travel, Bodegas Torres, Puleva, Porcelanosa, Adidas or Assa Seguros; often through a cooperation with the most renowned advertising agencies, Havas, BBDO or Ros, and with the common denominator of responding satisfactorily to the challenges that clients pose in various fields: help to live a healthy life (Corazones Contentos of Puleva-Atresmedia), urban mobility assistants (Moviltik or the public transportation applications of Subús-Vectalia), gamification of corporate training and internal communication (Quizfit, CTN-Adidas), expanding and streamlining the buying experience at a big retailer (Supermercados Rey of Panama), facilitating efficient driving (Northgate Driver), boosting music or sports fans communities (Villarral CF, Arenal Sound, Viña Rock), domestic heating control by mobile phone (Newatt)…

Strategic alliances

Among the most significant milestones of Cuatroochenta are the agreements to create new content products with big media groups like AtresMedia, Mediaset (official app of the animated film Atrapa la bandera) and Zeta, as well as the “Llena la calle de vida” campaign by Helados Nestlé, in alliance with the agency BBDO. A formula that is also very important: cooperating with other companies to develop joint projects. Up to the point of participating as partners, like in Aquarama, the app of one of the most visited water parks of the Mediterranean in cooperation with the Grupo Gimeno; Moviltik, an app to pay in regulated parking zones together with Vectalia and Pavapark; or CLAPP, the first cinema, series and video games magazine in interactive app format in Spanish.

On a company structure level, the main challenge of Cuatroochenta has been its internationalisation, which started in 2013 with the establishment of an office in the BMW Plaza in Panama, after entering in an alliance with the Grupo Tagarópulos, a leading company in the distribution and sale of foodstuffs in Central America. From that branch with its own multidisciplinary team projects are managed throughout Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru… And also other strategic agreements have been put into place, like with PaynoPain, to develop and promote electronic payment solutions through mobile devices in Latin America. The Forbes Centroamérica magazine has highlighted Cuatroochenta in an extended article as a company “at the forefront of innovation”.

Company expansion and commitment to the innovation ecosystem

In order to consolidate its growth rate, internationalisation and the launching of own products Cuatroochenta closed an investment round at the end of 2013, which resulted in a participation by World Wide Networks, a company headed by business angel Vicente Montesinos. This has contributed to progressively consolidate a multidisciplinary team of over 50 employees. An operation which involved the takeover of the web development firm Perfect Wide, as well as the creation of start-up promoter Blast Off Partners and the co-working space Espacio Base. During 2016 the extension of the company has also taken place on an internal level, with the inclusion of 8 of its employees (because of their seniority, experience and commitment) as minority partners, a token of the team´s importance in the company´s track record.

Both Blast Off Partners and Espacio Base are closely linked with Cuatroochenta´s wager of transferring R&D knowledge from the university to the productive sector to contribute to the endeavour and promotion of talent in the innovation ecosystem which is emerging in its surroundings, Castellón. Thus, the company cooperates with the MIT4, a pioneer educational project with the Computer Engineering and Design and Development of Video Games Degrees of the Universitat Jaume I.

Along this same line, it has promoted the first programmers meeting, Hackaton Castellón, in November 2016, together with two other tech companies of its surroundings, IoTsens and Nayar Systems. Moreover, its founding partners, Alfredo R. Cebrián (CEO) and Sergio Aguado (CTO), are regular guests in reference forums on creativity and innovation, like the Zincshower or the Vodafone Fast Forward Sessions.

Commitment towards internationalisation

After opening the office with own staff in Panama, Cuatroochenta has kept on strengthening its continuous expansion strategy, obtaining 30% of its business outside Spain, with a turnover in more than 10 countries. In this respect, one of its own products stands out: 480interactive, which includes active partners in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Ecuador, who offer application development services based on this tool. During 2016 the company has opened offices through several alliances in Bogotá, Utrecht, Buenos Aires, Milan and Los Angeles.

Opening up the North American market occurred at the same time as Cuatroochenta was chosen by the ICEX´s Spain Tech Center to participate in its Immersion Programme in Silicon Valley. Two weeks of intense experiences in the world mecca of innovation and new technologies, which have given us the chance to soak up its entrepreneurial ecosystem and to reaffirm us in our areas of work.

In the future, Cuatroochenta intends to keep on growing, step by step, adapting its strategy to the different countries where it opens offices: from developing apps and ad hoc solutions to the implementation of own projects, through alliances with local companies and training initiatives, always with the final objective to put new technologies to the service of people, creating practical and efficient apps that make life easier.

Date of establishment: November 2011.

Number of employees: 52.


Central headquarters
Edificio Espaitec II – Universitat Jaume I
Avenida Sos Baynat, s/n
12071 Castellón (Spain)

LATAM headquarters
Torre de las Américas, piso 12,
Punta Pacífica,
Panama City


Onda Cero Castellón Award-Internet and New Technologies (2015)
Innovative Company Award of the Comunidad Valenciana 2015-Company Track Record. CEEI-IVACE 2015.
CEEI Castellón Award-IVACE 2015
XVIII Award Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs (2012)
V Award for the Student Entrepreneurial Initiative of the Consell Social de la Universitat Jaume I (2012)
Award Best Young Company 2012 of El Periódico Mediterráneo
III Cope Castellón Awards: Young Entrepreneurs
Science Award 2011 of Radio Castellón-Cadena Ser

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David Hernández Beltran
Communication and content

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