The 480th Follower on Facebook, going to festival

He is 22 years old and combines his studies at the University Jaume I of Castellón with his first professional incursion in the field of computing. He likes pop music and fencing. He is David Rodriguez, the fan number 480 of the Cuatroochenta (480) page on Facebook.

There was nothing premeditated, but when we noticed the coincidence we thought we had to do something. What? A personalized gift for the protagonist. As swords scare us, we decided to give him a ticket for the Arenal Sound 2013. There are already some bands confirmed, such us Editors, White Lies, Lori Meyers, We Are Standard, Bigot, Jero Romero, Delafé y Las Flores Azules, Havalina o La Bien Querida, and includes exclusive access to the festival boat. To close the circle, David turns out to be a big fan of one of our first customers: Nomepierdoniuna. Hunky-dory.

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