Pre-Market Environment, Spanish Markets and Stock Exchanges, funding of startups, the Valencia Stock Exchange.

Spanish Markets and Stock Exchanges (BME) and the Big Ban Angels Business Association have selected Cuatroochenta to join the first ‘Pre-Market Environment’ for startups, created to enhance its access to private investment through the stock market. We were chosen from among 30 other candidates together with Housers, a platform for real estate crowdfunding, and Biomar, a biotechnological company that develops marine-origin solutions for agro-food and pharmacological industries.

According to Fernando Ibáñez, a delegate of ‘Pre-Market Environment’ of the ‘Big Ban Angels’ Business Association, “these are three good examples of startups that are ready to incorporate to the stock market“. Vicente Olmos from BME, president of the Valencia Stock Exchange, indicated that “the training programme designed for the selected startups focuses on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB), the most suitable option for this type of small capitalization companies seeking to expand”.

Alfredo R. Cebrián, CEO and founding partner of Cuatroochenta, along with Sergio Aguado, highlighted that the company intends “to lay the foundation for the option to float on the stock market. This would mean that our work system and company structure will be more transparent and reliable“. The company’s main objective is clear: “to ensure the necessary resources for its growth and internationalization, which will allow us to consolidate the company as a benchmark in our sector“.

In addition, Cebrián emphasized that “when we started the project we were aware that there was still a lot of work ahead and challenges to be faced, following the policy and culture of Cuatroochenta based on profitability and customer orientation“. Finally, the CEO of the app development company concluded that “this is excellent news that confirms the strength of our project, thanks to the effort of the whole team“.

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