• Plan 21 días/Corazones Contentos – Puleva

Plan 21 días/Corazones Contentos – Puleva

This is an upgrade of the Corazones Contentos application, developed by Cuatroochenta for Puleva and Atresmedia with a major success leading to 40,000 users. The upgrade makes functionality easier to be more dynamic. The app is conceived to help users to undertake healthy habits as they enjoy playing with the 21-day plan, awarding the first ones in achieving their goals.  In only 4 weeks, little things of everyday life can be improved thanks to a series of challenges, awards and notifications contributing to fight cholesterol, high blood pressure and other heart risks.

  • Up to 10,000 Eur raffle if you fulfil the 21-day plan. Rewards for complying with healthy habits, from winning 1 litre of Puleva Omega 3 (for the first 2,000) up to participate in a multi-prize raffle (information given through the app), in addition to virtual medals-winning.
  • 6 habits for a healthier life. A commitment with a feasible plan (at least, 2 habits at the same time or 3 at the most), by a daily record on the app during 4 weeks:
    • At breakfast, have a glass of Puleva Omega 3
    • Sleep more than 7 hours
    • Begin your day with a smile
    • Walk a little more time every day
    • Limit the intake of salt
    • Drink two litres of water a day
  • Healthy tips. Every time a habit accomplished is reported, a healthy tip is received to strengthen challenges.
  • Improving the physical performance. The section “Exercise” allows to record the distance, time, average speed, steps and calories consumption when running or walking.
  • Notifications and follow-up. The app informs on habits to be improved according to the frequency set up by the user and on the “To remember” section, one can also check the history on healthy tips, awards and medals.
  • The healthy habits objectives and prizes may be shared in social media to increase the commitment degree.