This App has been developed by expert psychologists and is based on the mindfulness meditation method for you to be able to control your anxiety and stress directly from your phone. Intimind allows you to practice 10 minutes a day, starting from the ‘Introduction’ pack, and has 7 free meditations so you can get started and learn how to do it.

It is free to download for iOS, and it offers 4 different meditation programs (Health and Stress, Work Better, Personal Relationships and Emotional Balance) with the possibility to have unlimited access to them with a 9.99 € monthly pass or a 79.99 € annual pass. Besides, Intimind also allows you to purchase single programs from 9.99 € each, such as the ‘Introduction’ one, which contains 21 meditations (the other programs consist of 30 meditations each and cost 24.99 € per program).

Why has Intimind been chosen by Google Play among the best apps of 2017 in Latin America?