It is an ad hoc development tool to improve your travelling experience with this renowned wholesaler specializing in river cruises and circuits. The Panavisión Tours App, technologically supported by their partner Amadeus IT Group, allows their clients to access all the reservation documents and all the trip or holiday package information from their mobile phones or tablets, even when they are offline.

It is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store. This App has been designed to serve both Panavisión Tours clients and its travel agents, as it has a multi-language feature with autodetection and allows to:

  • Download all the travel documents booked with Panavisión without having to print them.
  • Check the travel itinerary booked with Panavisión Tours, as well as the detailed activities for each day.
  • Consult chartered flights times, electronic ticket references, departure terminals…
  • Access all the details of the hotel reservation, information and location.
  • Directly contact additional services such as transportation through the App’s transfer tool.
  • Access a list of some helpful telephone numbers to contact tourist guides, the insurance company, the client service department…
  • Directly share your travelling experience and impressions on the Panavisión Facebook page.