Forbes Magazine highlights Cuatroochenta Latam as “leading innovation firm” in a broad report.


‘Cuatroochenta, company recognized with several awards for innovation in Spain, made a strategic alliance with a major business group in Panama. From this joint venture Cuatroochenta Latam was born; the Panamanian subsidiary has become a business leader dedicated to developing applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as programming software to improve work processes; it also stands out as one of the most innovative companies in Central America’. That is the description of Cuatroochenta Latam published in the issue for October-November of the Forbes magazine in Central America.

It highlights the company among the top 15 innovation projects in the region.

Forbes-Centroamérica_LogoThe prestigious US magazine, internationally famous for its rankings, highlights the report on its front page, ‘Innovation; 15 firms that do the same as the market (but on their own way)’; and it devotes 8 pages (54-61) to a large report in which Cuatroochenta Latam and its CEO’s –Cesar Tauste- reflections star four of them. The report, prepared by Felipe Lopez R., and which has also been published in the online edition of Forbes Mexico, highlights the recent collaboration between Cuatroochenta and Samsung in Latin America and its incorporation as a company associated with the Panamanian Chamber of Technology.

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