About Us


Cuatroochenta is a company specializing in comprehensive App development for smartphones and tablets, and in customized advanced programming for working process improvements


480×320. This was the screen resolution of the first iPhone back in 2007. This device brought a whole new way of exploiting web contents, thus raising the smartphone to its highest level and bringing the most advanced terminals closer to the consumers.

Following the creation of these devices and the arrival of new smartphone operating systems, mainly Android, companies and institutions realized there were brand new possibilities of improving their communication, services and commercialization through customized applications specially developed for these platforms.

This is the context in which Cuatroochenta was founded. The company specializes in smartphone application development, bringing together specialists from several fields such as programming, development, graphic design, marketing and communication.


Cuatroochenta creates each one of its project with a real cooperation and a high commitment methodology.

Working Methodology

Comprehensive development basically consists of:

  • Application concept creation: Client goals research, user features and advice on the application’s functionality and structure based on the client’s business model or goals and on the App’s usability. Help with goals definition in order to develop viable and effective applications.
  • Interface design and App user experience: Obtaining the maximum performance offered by the various platforms in order to develop friendly interfaces that provide an optimum user experience.
  • Implementation and development of mobile applications and backend: Transformation of the ideas into reality by testing and guaranteeing an optimum functioning before its release.
  • App release, promotion and exploitation: Release and promotion of the application through the most appropriate channels according to the client’s strategy and objectives, and to the possibilities offered by the various platforms (App Store, Google Play, Window Market Place).

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