480 Interactive is renewed after attaining 40,000 no programming apps created at world level and launches ‘Sales Force 480I’ to show the best

Many things have happened since 2013 when 480interactive was born as a tool developed by Cuatroochenta to convert Adobe InDesign publications into interactive apps for iPad and tablets, in an automatic way and with no knowledge on programming.  In addition to increasing the team making it possible, the most important thing is that 20,000 users and partners across the world have created 40,000 apps using 480interactive.  This is, at the same time, a satisfaction and a responsibility.

This is precisely why this product of our own has been evolving and growing up to present, when it is completely renewed thanks to the 4.0 software version, changing the model to a system improving and broadening its potential: the famous motto “Convert your InDesign documents into App” is replaced by “Create your Apps with no programming.

From now on, users may create their own apps directly on HTML, web pages and resources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps or Typeform, including our dearest InDesign.

However, these are not the only changes.  In addition of boasting new corporate web and image, 480interactive launched SalesForce 480i, an application based on a backup of usage cases, showing the different types of apps which can be created with 480interactive.


Magazines, event or commercial apps whose content has been created with the usual working tools of every developer: HTML code, PDF, InDesign, typeform, etc. An application with which one may directly test on its own device different types of apps user may need, checking the final result on the mobile device and that will for sure be a source of inspiration for advertising agencies and design studios.

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