480 Interactive, a bridge between Adobe InDesign and iPad to get impressive publications

Cuatroochenta believes that, oftentimes, breakthroughs lie in simple an quotidian details. Something as common for any graphic designer or publisher as an Adobe InDesign layout can become a publication with multiple possibilities on the iPad with a simple program.

Independently and with no need of programming knowledge; without a single line of code. That is the objective of 480 Interactive, the new tool developed by Soluciones Cuatroochenta, a company located in Espaitec, the Technology Park of the University Jaume I of Castellón. Mirror Magazine, specialized in photography, installed the software with successful results, as well as 31416, the design and social media studio, which also created the demo video you can see above.

The innovative solution is conceived for graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishing companies or others which use Adobe InDesign for their magazines, newspapers, ebooks, catalogs, reports, manuals, presentations… but also to the world of teaching, where their benefits open a wide range of possibilities.

480 Interactive is installed in the computer linked to Adobe InDesign in order to export the design or model to an interactive file for the iPad iOS. With 480 Interactive every possibility of interactivity of Adobe InDesign turns into tablet format automatically. Moreover, it also provides new functionalities with tags. Thus, publications can be displayed with videos, audio, scrolling text and page…It also gives the option to share contents on social networks from the iPad.

Cuatroochenta’s solution also features a second part specific for the Apple tablet, which complements its utility. It is a viewer-application for iPad that lets customize each client interface. This is something that Adobe solution does not offer. Furthermore, 480 Interactive has a much more competitive price.

480 Interactive appreciates creativity and eliminates technical barriers for designers, publishers and agencies in order to leverage the benefits of the fastest growing media on the market and reduce costs in paper publications. What’s more, the program and the App for iPad open endless possibilities to enhance the impact of advertising in magazines and newspapers.

Moreover, the company is working on complementary functionalities to 480 Interactive, as the integration of 360 degree views and 3D images in which you can navigate with the iPad accelerometer. It is also developing the tool for other operating systems like Android and Smartphone format.

Some of these improvements have been proposed by graphic designers themselves as Cuatroochenta is presenting the tool directly to potential users in order to spread it and improve it. So far, 480 Interactive is being very well received by designers and agencies from Valencia, having found various collaborations.

For further information about 480 Interactive, visit its microsite


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