10 things I would not know how to do without my mobile or tablet apps


We all have a small sphere of applications on our smartphone and/or tablet which we, without realizing, have internalized in our daily life. From the simplest apps, of which we are not aware -they are like one more button on our mobile- to the most comprehensive and sofisticated -the one we show our friends when we discover it-. They are apps that objectively make our lives easier, in our spare time but also at work. Not forgetting that our smartphone serves to make phone calls -we do not use any other device for that-, take photos, communicate in social networks, to stop the napkin from flying when we sit down for a beer on a terrace and to settle discussions accessing internet anywhere -how did we manage before?!- Discussions such as “what’s the height of Everest?”, “what is the name of the actor who starred Friends and then made that movie?” “How old is Oprah Winfrey?”…. Let’s confess it: some of them are only used on timeouts, in waiting rooms or on journeys by public transport, but others….how could we live without them?

1. To get organized. Simple and intuitive agenda and task managers to plan thing to do, to schedule with notices and reminders. Accessible from all devices, synchronized and sharable.  From Wunderlist to Things or Hightrack through the calendar. Good intentions must be maintained, even if you end up ticking tasks in threes or postponing tasks like crazy…

2. To plan journeys by public transport. There is no one who does not use the mobile to check the metro connections, the commuter schedules, how long they have to wait until next bus, the combined route to ride the bike and take the train… Even to buy tickets or check the balance of your transport card without going to the dispenser. Not going any further, EMT Valencia or Subus Albacete.

3. Bank procedures. From consulting recent movements or making transfers from your bank account or card to -it is coming soon- electronic payments, payments and receipts between individuals or withdrawing cash at the ATM without credit card. Also more banal things like creating a money pool with friends… See Wizzo and Yaap Money.

4. To register my sports activity. How would be the world of jogging without Endomondo or RunKeeper? Those apps that reveal in which moment we lost rate or we directly crumpled. They remind us not to lose good habits, they serves us as a roadmap and sports background. To show off our marks among our friends or to discreetly save them in silence. A new dimension for the ancient act of jogging through the city or the countryside… And it is getting more sophisticated with good habits apps, although they are increasingly enjoyed on the tablet, while you are lying in the sofa…

5. Listen to music or the radio. Many times we use these while using the ones described above. To the extent that the velvety voice telling you your rate while jogging automatically lowers the volume of the song. But that’s not all: when traveling by public transport, at queues, to go to sleep, to put it in a dock or bluetooth speakers while cooking… Spotify, Deezer or your reference radio station to listen to your favorite programs when you fancy.

6. Tracking news quickly. See how it goes the match when you are at a meeting which is longer than expected would be not the same without that app of the sports newspaper. But also consult all kind of news in the papers, to end up tweeting some of them.

7. Improvise something when travelling. In addition to having the tickets on the smartphone or tablet (Passbook), there is a world of apps that, rather than a travel guide in the old way, serve to improvise when travelling, no need to have everything extremely planned before leaving home. Finding last minute accommodations (Charming Hotels), eating at a good restaurant when you are lost in a city (TripAdvisor), finding where to have a drink (Bogota Exclusiva), go to concerts, sports events, rent a car

8. Scan QR codes or documents. Simple, fast and convenient. That app that allow us to scan and save documents with the phone camera (CamScanner), read a QR code and getting more information (ScanLife) or even directly scanning an image for a 360º transport (Digapp).

9. Locate the open drugstores; take an appointment with a doctor… We are talking about basic services apps, in this case in the health field, almost first aid, providing access to information or a quick solution to basic things like locating the nearest open drugstore, request an appointment to see a doctor…

10. Shopping. From comparing prices to sending photos of the shoes to my partner before buying them to avoid mistakes. The smartphone renovated the way we go shopping. Even with very specific solutions, such as supermarkets that integrate their loyalty programs and promotions and help making the shopping list (Rey Supermarkets), assistance in choosing wine (Vivino) or even enhance the experience of eating a good ice-cream (Nestle).

11. Entertainment for children. Smartphones and tablets are great inventions to kill time, but if you go with your little son/daughter and you have to wait for someone or something, then they are simply miraculous. Apps of children’s television channels or games, and better if they have an educational intention: Goodnight Safari, iRubio, Kids Kioske, MiloMartens, Dibudibu, Toca Doctor, The Pianist, Cupacake...


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