Digital transformation in sales: Zumex Group’s product catalogue app

Innovation is embedded in the DNA of Zumex Group, a leading company on fruit and vegetable juice extraction at the international level. This innovative vocation not only translates into technological solutions for automatic juicers, but also spreads to all kinds of internal and external processes with an aim to improve performance.

Eating experience in the 21st century: a pleasure surrounded by science and technology

If there is a partnership that has accompanied humans since the beginning of time, it has to be food and health. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, the saying goes, as well as thousands of other references that show the importance of these two concepts in popular culture. The foundations of such relationship are however changing at the same pace as our societies are changing

Digitally transforming your health

When was the last time you bought a scale to weigh yourself? If it was long ago, you were living at the time in an analog world and your scale would respond to this model: Do you want to know your weight? Then measure your weight. That’s all. If you have bought one not too long ago,

Can bots care for the elderly in their own homes?

“Robots will care for 80% of Japanese elderly people by 2020.” I read this in the news over breakfast early February. A Google search showed that it was content from news agencies. La Vanguardia,The Guardian, El Español and a long list of other media presented similar content. I hooked on the issue and decided to continue reading…This was already being discussed three years ago, although under different strategies. 

Cuatroochenta presents at the Madrid Stock Exchange short-term plans to go public on the alternative trading system MAB, boosted by the Entorno Pre-Mercado (EpM) platform

“It is helping us change our mindset from startup to company. Compliance with requirements for MAB public listing is helping professionalize management and processes at all levels, which is in turn resulting in improved outcomes.”

The Encuentra24 app, leader in Classifieds in Central America, reaches 1.5 million downloads with technical improvements by Cuatroochenta

The team of Encuentra24 and Cuatroochenta’s technicians, at the company’s headquarters in Panama City.

Encuentra24 has climbed up a step further as the leader portal for Classifieds in Central America. With presence in 8 countries, renewed app functionality and design, 1.5 million downloads and a number of technical improvements in the pipeline based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and chatbots, with Cuatroochenta’s support, Encuentra24 is further consolidating as a project of international reference.

2018: the year a chatbot changed your life?

The word blockchain is everywhere on the web, but there’s another word that’s not receiving half the attention and is steadily moving towards changing -thanks to its technology- the way we relate to machines and, by extension, to databases. That word is BOT, short for robot or chatbot.

KPI selection for apps: how to SMART monitor an app

You will not find here a set of tools to monitor user activity and behavior in your app. Don’t expect either a list of indicators by app type or category. We will rather focus on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related)-based KPI (Key Performance Indicators) selection, to allow you to know whether your app is meeting the expected objectives as strategically defined.

Consum supermarkets personalize communication with customers through its app – which reaches 30% more users than last year

“The first thing I do is check the total value of my discount vouchers and redeem them, so I do not miss any offer; I also learn about offers on customized products or take my shopping list with me wherever I go until I find the nearest Consum”.

Google chooses a project from Grupo Zeta and Cuatroochenta on innovation in hyperlocal information

A platform to generate high quality content on neighborhoods in big cities, which also helps monetize hyperlocal media by connecting small businesses’ products and services with consumers. This is the project selected by Google for its European Digital News Initiative (DNI) project – driven by Grupo Zeta for the Madrid digital Somos Malasaña and with Cuatroochenta’s technological development.

Why has Intimind been chosen by Google Play among the best apps of 2017 in Latin America?

Intimind, the meditation app developed by Cuatroochenta for a bold team of psychologists in Valencia, has been highlighted by Google Play among the best in 2017 in Latin America and, more specifically, in the category of “Most Entertaining Apps”.  This is the culmination of a year with a brilliant track record, in which the app has unceasingly provided new incentives to connect with its users, leading to recognition in the flagship media in Spain and America, such as El País or Televisa.

What is React Native? The way to app development is changing

As a company specialized in app development, one of the main questions that we receive from our customers is: native or hybrid app? To put it simply, those were the main options until now -as well as the evolution of web technology itself, in particular progressive web app. 

How to gamify internal communication and training in app format

Latin American and European multinationals already use apps to promote the corporate culture, staff motivation and two-way internal communication. A new generation of apps that use gamification on the digital transformation of internal processes

The first global network of grassroot soccer, is born: the Legends app

An app designed for trainee soccer players who want to share experiences and show their talent, aiming to teaming up with peers or to entering the scope of the soccer scouts

10 tips on how to keep users and generate loyalty for your app

It has already been mentioned here that one of the big risks threatening many applications is that they turn into zombies virtually before they are born. Getting downloads for our app is a challenge, but ensuring that users return and use it is an even bigger one. Different reports on uninstalling rates, which we will analyze below, confirm bluntly this fact. To finish, we will present some tips to avoid them, to retain users and to make our app useful and visible on your smartphone