Cuatroochenta office new opening in renowned Milan PoliHub to spread across Italian Market

The second best European start-up university accelerator and the fifth worldwide, according to Top 25 de UBI Global ranking, leading consultancy in measuring performances of enterprises incubators all over the world. We are talking about PoliHub in Politecnico di Milano, the most renowned technological university in Italy, where Cuatroochenta has opened its own offices to

Health Apps: Why are they so popular, what do they resolve and how to identify the most reliable ones

These discrete smart bracelets we go to sleep with or use to practice sport, linked to apps that give us information about how long we rest or the calories we burn are the best example of how the world of eHealth has entered our lives linked to day-to-day life habits. It regards wearables and applications that have come to stay. To help us in our good resolutions of healthy habits.

Hybrid or Native App? It depends

Many companies ask themselves this question when starting an App project: Should we develop a hybrid or a native App? You can guess the answer: there is no option. It depends. There is no closed-response; we need to choose the most suitable option for each project.  

480interactive launches a new version, improving their features for content marketing


The software to create apps without programming developed by Cuatroochenta answers the market requirements in terms of user experience and adaptability of formats with an important enhancement package. The new 4.7 version of 480interactive, which relies on 25,000 users around the world, particularly introduced in Latin America,

Moviltik app is introduced in Alicante in order to make life easier for drivers and to collect data that improves mobility

A very useful app to improve users’ daily life and with great future potential based on big data. This was the presentation of Moviltik in the University of Alicante during the seminar on smart transport “II Jornada sobre Movilidad Inteligente“. Mobility in a click, promoted by the Chair for Mobility at the Vectalia-University of Alicante to analyse the contributions of new technologies for a better and more sustainable mobility in the main cities in the Valencian Community. The app, developed by Cuatroochenta thanks to Pavapark and Vectalia, which aims to become a standard of virtual parking meter at national

Pre-Market Environment, Spanish Markets and Stock Exchanges, funding of startups, the Valencia Stock Exchange.

Spanish Markets and Stock Exchanges (BME) and the Big Ban Angels Business Association have selected Cuatroochenta to join the first ‘Pre-Market Environment’ for startups, created to enhance its access to private investment through the stock market. We were chosen from among 30 other candidates together with

11 key points about digital education to make intelligent use of mobile phones

How can I ensure that my mobile phone is at my service and not the other way round? When and how do we introduce our children to using smartphones and tablets? All users repeat these types of questions to themselves more and more frequently, and the messages we receive about so-called “mobile-addiction” are becoming more insistent. However, it is clear that they represent an instrument (a very powerful one, for sure) whose use (good or bad) falls on us, the people.

Internal Communication Catching up with an App-Format: Case Study of Bodegas Torres

How to get that the staff of a big company shares ideas, tendencies detected in their field or know where is the competition going? How to do it in an agile and creative way to catch spontaneity? Bodegas Torres achieved it through an easy and funny app that works like an internal network. 

The incident management app Sefici closes their financing round with success as the SEAT plant in Martorell starts to use it.

SEAT plant in Martorell, who has implemented Sefici to manage incidences. Photo: SEAT Martorell.

One of the products of Cuatroochenta with the highest potential has received an important backing at the end of the year. Sefici has closed their last financing round with success, with the arrival of different investors and companies in strategic sectors and the backing of ENISA. The incident management app which works through instant messaging, developed by Cuatroochenta and promoted by Blast Off Partners, managed to grow as a reference start-up in the sector at the same time as starting to be used by leading companies such as the SEAT car manufacturing plant at Martorell.

Encuentra24. How to successfully move a community of millions of users from the web to an app


Wendy Jordan and Boris Métraux (to her left side), together with the members of Cuatroochenta team at their offices in Castellón.

“I remember how difficult it was for us in 2005 to find an apartment and an office in Panama. In fact, that experience was precisely what made us see that there was a very clear need and an opportunity to offer a solution”. That was the simple explanation provided by Wendy Jordan, COO and co-founder of Encuentra24, the leading portal of classified advertisements in Central America with around 6 million monthly visits which, in less than one year, has managed to get its new app developed by Cuatroochenta, downloaded a million times by 200,000 active users (between Android and iOS).  

Where does the milk you drink come from? A virtual reality experience to connect brands and consumers

A virtual reality experience through a 360° video, in which the user gets in a Jeep and accompanies a rancher in his visit along his ranch in order to learn the origin of the new Leche Eroski (Eroski milk) of the Basque Country and the new Leche Eroski of Navarra, this is how the latest Cuatroochenta´s Brand Games Studio project looks like, developed through the agency Ros with a recording by Micrea.  The objective: to create a very close relationship between the product and the consumer and, at the same time, to foster the responsible consumption under the motto “we all drink that milk”, referring that is good for the consumer, but also for local ranchers and the environment.

The Brand Games Studio by Cuatroochenta sets foot in Silicon Valley (journal from San Francisco)

Lucía García Vidal, del equipo de desarrollo de negocio de Cuatroochenta, en el encuentro tras la sesión de 'Pitch' en el Spain Tech Center en San Francisco. Foto: SPT.

Lucía García Vidal, of the Cuatroochenta business development team, during the meeting after the ‘Pitch’ session at the Spain Tech Center in San Francisco. Foto: SPT.

Standing before a select audience of companies, entrepreneurs and investors in the world-renowned mecca of the new technologies and innovation to place value on the work of an entire team in a pitch of just over 2 minutes. Seeing first hand how a project is evaluated by the renowned Japanese investor Hiroshi Wald. Soaking up the “design thinking” methodology for creating products and services, with the participation of the users guided by of one of its gurus, Jonathan Littman.

The ICEX Spain Tech Center in San Francisco selects Cuatroochenta for its Immersion Program at Silicon Valley

Cuatroochenta_equipo 2015

The app for incident management by instant messenger (Sefici), the tool for creating no programming applications (480interactive) or the new video games department and comprehensive experiences in virtual and augmented reality (Brand Games Studio) by Cuatroochenta will visit, from November 7 to 18, the core of world technology innovation in order to absorb its entrepreneurship ecosystem: we have been selected by the Spain Tech Center (STC) to take part in its Immersion Program at Silicon Valley.

480 Interactive is renewed after attaining 40,000 no programming apps created at world level and launches ‘Sales Force 480I’ to show the best

Many things have happened since 2013 when 480interactive was born as a tool developed by Cuatroochenta to convert Adobe InDesign publications into interactive apps for iPad and tablets, in an automatic way and with no knowledge on programming.  In addition to increasing the team making it possible, the most important thing is that 20,000 users and partners across the world have created 40,000 apps using 480interactive.

Moviltik, the app for paying the real time spent in a restricted parking zone and avoid fines


Payment from the mobile phone for blue zone for the real parking time avoiding fines by a friendly and simple use app.  Vectalia, Pavapark and Cuatroochenta launch Moviltik, an app which is called to become a new standard of virtual parking metre in Spain.